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Empowering the next generation



Purple Pear Education was born out of a desire to create the type of programs that we would want to send our own children to one day. Our mission is to provide offerings that foster not only authentic learning experiences, but experiences that bring joy and a sense of achievement and community to participants. We believe that the core skills of self awareness, self reliance and self responsibility are essential in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. We believe that the Permaculture ethics and design principles provide the perfect foundations from which to build our programs, to ensure that our participants develop these skills.


Purple Pear Education was inspired by our growing concerns about the current education system, a growing awareness that families were looking for alternative forms of education and a burning passion to educate in a way that empowered learners to truly reach their potential. Combined with a passion for Permaculture, we knew that offering programs and tutoring in a way that teaches how to learn, that promotes a lifelong love of learning and that empowers learners to take responsibility for their own learning journey, would be a great place to start! The birth of our first child, Olive, in May of 2021, gave us the added perspective and push we needed to build the courage to take the leap of faith involved in starting a small business; ultimately with her future in mind, too.



Nigel is a qualified teacher and has been teaching since 2014 in various locations across QLD, WA and NSW. He has worked as both a Primary and Secondary classroom teacher, as well as a curriculum developer, supporting Indigenous communities. Nigel has taught within both mainstream and Steiner education. He has also completed two Permaculture Design Courses and a 10-week Permaculture Internship. Nigel is passionate about Permaculture education for both children and adults. He believes in empowering learners towards self-reliance and a deeper connection to the environment. Nigel enjoys spending his free time in nature, whether he’s camping, gardening or exercising. He will be facilitating the Purple Pear  Farm Kids and Emerging Permies programs and delivering Permaculture Design Courses for adults in the near future. 



Ashleigh is a qualified teacher and has been teaching since 2012. She has been both a Primary and Secondary classroom teacher within a variety of rural and remote contexts, as well as a Literacy and Numeracy tutor. Ashleigh specialises in Literacy and Numeracy intervention, as well as behavioural intervention and support. She is passionate about finding each individual child’s strengths and fostering positive relationships, in order for children to reach their full potential. Ashleigh has a love for the outdoors and enjoys spending weekends camping and exploring nature. She is also a mother to Olive who was born in May 2021 and loves witnessing her development and growth. Ashleigh will be facilitating the Literacy and Numeracy tutoring face-to-face as well as online, both 1-on-1 and in small groups.


As educators with experience working with a wide range of children of many ages and across many different contexts, we are confident that we can accommodate each child's individual needs. Should problems arise that need to be addressed, we will prioritise meeting the needs of all children and ensure that their families are appropriately informed and involved in this process. In light of this, we will not be offering refunds once each term commences.